Terms and conditions


Delivery Terms

  • Freeshipping only for orders over € 99.99, within the Netherlands and Belgium
  • Our authorized shipping companies are: DPD – Post NL – DHL – Our agents.
  • The time required for the order to delivered if the purchase is completed before 14:00, is 3businessdays max.
  • You can always track your order through the tracking number sent with your order.
  • The minimum order value is EUR 15. We apologize for not accepting orders with lower than amount
  • Our team is always ready to provide you with any additional information by directly communicating with us through phone and our Facebook page.


Return Terms & Conditions:

  • If the customer wishes to return the order or part of it with no convincingreason, “the reasons are explained in Appendix Bbelow”, the customer bears the following costs:
  1. Shipping costs
  2. Transaction fees.
  3. 5% of the value of the returned items
  • In case the customer wishes to return the order or part of it with a convincingreason. “The convincing reasons are set out in Appendix Bbelow,” the customer has the right to return the whole order or part of it, and he will be refunded in full.
  • The allowed period for the return of the products is 7 days from the date of purchase. No cancellation or return of products will be accepted after the expiry of that period.
  • If the customer would like to return the product, it must be in good condition and within the original package.
  • The ALBAIK Sweets is entitled to determine the appropriate payment method.
  • The customer will be notified by e-mail, immediately upon the receipt of the returned products and the appropriate refund method.
  • The ALBAIK Sweets refunds the value of the products to the customer within two working days starting from date of notification email.


Annex B:

acceptable reasons for returning the product:

  1. The product is damaged.
  2. The product does not identical to the description declared in our website.
  3. The Product is expired.



The below Terms are applicable for all orders placed on the website albaiksweets.nl


:Albaik sweets Netherlands

  • albaiksweets.nl
  • Tel: +31 (0) 619 242 229
  • Email: info@albaiksweets.nl
  • KVK: 74325248
  • Address: 1e Middellandstraat 122B, 3021 BJ Rotterdam


The customer:

Customer: any person aged 18 years old and over, who is using albaiksweets.nl website:


The Shipping body

  • Any or accredited shipping company such as Post NL, DHL, DPD, or our delivery agents


Terms and conditions:

  1. The current conditions apply to any offer, request or payment between the Company and its customers. Through the conclusion of a contract between the customer and the company, the customer accepts these conditions without any reservations.
  2. These terms are available on www.albaiksweets.nl. A written copy of these terms is provided upon request or can be printed online.
  3. The customer may partially deviate from the general conditions. But after obtaining written approval by the company
  4. The Company may change these terms and conditions at any time, and the new terms and conditions will be available on our website.
  5. The company has the right to reject any customer without giving any reason
  6. The company has the right to reject any order without giving any reason
  7. Prices listed on the website include all taxes added, and this is detailed in the customer cart
  8. The prices listed on the website do not include the shipping cost. “Refer to the shipping and return terms listed on the following Link
  9. If the purchase is confirmed by the customer, the amount due to the approval of this contract is effective immediately unless otherwise agreed.
  10. Customer has the right to cancel the order as long as it does not leave the company building by contacting the customer service department. If the return policy is sent to the customer, the return policy is applied “see the shipping and return terms stated on the following Link
  11. Services provided by external sites are subject to the terms of these sites in addition to the conditions stipulated in this contract
  12. The company has the right to return the order according to the return policy. “Refer to the shipping and return terms stated on the following link: Link
  13. The company is only bounded by the offers if the customer accepts the offer, and the order is completed and received confirmation by e-mail by the company.
  14. If the acceptance (on sub-order) deviates from the offer submitted, the company shall not be bound by it. The agreement may not be concluded in such a case in accordance with the acceptance of the said violator unless the evidence records otherwise.
  15. Special offers or quotations do not automatically apply to re-registration.
  16. No price is required from the company to deliver part of the goods included in the offer or delivery for a corresponding portion of the price quoted.
  17. All offers are free of obligation; all offers are subject to change. When the product is unavailable, The company has the right to cancel the product and the customer will be notified by email.
  18. After receiving the order, we will confirm the order within one day.
  19. Once the company has received the order and the payment has been confirmed, the order will be accepted and executed by the company within 2-4 business days for all orders shipped by international shipping via courier. If the product (temporarily) is not available, the company has the right to cancel a product or request. The Company reserves the right not to accept payment, and therefore not to confirm, for any reason, including but not limited to, the reasons for the supply of the Product, a problem with the order received, or a problem with the completion of delivery. However, other issues can be grounds for cancelling the request.
  20. The contract contains every agreement between the customer and the company and replaces any previous agreement.
  21. The Company acknowledges that electronic communication can be used to establish the agreement. By accepting these terms, the customer also confirms this.
  22. The total price, as shown in the order, is the final price and includes product prices, handling costs, packaging and transportation.
  23. Shipping within the European Union via the Shipping body: There are no customs duties or value added taxes that must be due for delivery in the European Union.
  24. International shipping through the delivery body: There are customs duties or value added taxes. In which case it must be due and added to the invoice value.
  25. Only upon customer’s request, the company will send a separate invoice to the email address specified by the customer.
  26. The company has the right to change prices and correct errors. In the event that the customer is affected, the customer will be informed of this fact by e-mail and has the right to cancel the application within the next two days. The Company can not be liable for any potential errors (typographical) in its prices or terms.
  27. Once the order is accepted, the parcel will be delivered to the shipping body within 2-3 business days, where it will deliver the order to the address indicated by the customer.
  28. The shipping time as shown in the order confirmation is indicator, there is no guarantee. Packages may be subject to unexpected delay in delivery. The Company does not control this and can not be held responsible for such delays.
  29. The shipping time, as shown in the order confirmation, starts from the moment the parcel is delivered to the shipping body.
  30. No postal fines will be paid unless the customer can provide written evidence.
  31. The customer is obliged to accept the products purchased now they are delivered or offered.
  32. In the event of damage to a product packaging during shipment, which may result in damage, the customer will need to inform the company within 24 hours. Customer should not consume the contents of a damaged product visible. The Company will not be responsible for the consequences if the above advice is ignored.
  33. If the customer refuses to deliver the purchased goods or fails to provide the correct information or address necessary for delivery, the additional costs for additional delivery or storage will be on the customer’s account
  34. The company will not be liable for any reason for any deterioration in the products due to the failure of the customer to receive or collect the parcel in time.
  35. All packages are insured. If the package is lost, the company will ask the relevant delivery authority to initiate the investigation. If the package is lost, the customer is entitled to refund. For the unexpected delay of the delivery device, the customer is not entitled to a refund.
  36. If the Company needs more information from the customer to execute the order, the delivery time will begin after the customer has provided the required information.
  37. Upon receipt of the customer, he must inspect the goods supplied at the moment of delivery, but in any case, in as short a period as possible. It must check whether the quality of the goods supplied and how much they correspond to what has been agreed upon.
  38. Potential visual deficiencies (description given) must be communicated via e-mail to info@albaiksweets.nl within 2 business days after receipt, with the purchase notice given.
  39. The company shall be notified of an unseen defect within 2 working days after the discovery (during the normal period of validity) subject to the preceding paragraph of this Article. After the warranty period, the Company is entitled to calculate all replacement costs, including management and shipping costs.
  40. Payments are accepted through the electronic payment gateway “see the website usage & privacy policy”.
  41. The Company shall ensure that products delivered shall meet the normal requirements and shall not have an expiry date of at least 4 weeks unless explicitly stated otherwise. The Company shall take all necessary care and care to ensure that the Products comply with the description contained on the Website at the date of processing the Application.
  42. The above warranty must be valid until the best products before its date, but only if it is in force.
  43. There is no warranty on defective products when this is the result of illegal or improper use or when the customer makes changes or attempts to make changes to products without the company’s knowledge and written consent. This also applies if the customer uses the product for purposes that were not intended for it.
  44. If the products requested do not respond to expectations due to broken or damaged or improper delivery, the customer needs to inform the company within two business days after receiving the products. If the company has not received a complaint from the customer during the above period, it is assumed that the request will be filled in order.
  45. ​​The risk of loss or damage to the products subject to the agreement shall be transferred to the customer at the moment when the products mentioned are judicial and / or delivered to the consumer and then fall into the capacity of the consumer or third parties to be designated by the consumer.
  46. The Company shall retain the rights and powers to which it is entitled under the Copyright Act.
  47. The Company is the owner and licensor of all copyrights, databases, applications, trademarks and other intellectual property rights that form part of this Site. Concept, structure, planning and design are the exclusive property of the company.
  48. If used by the Client, this can only be done exclusively and may not be reproduced, published publicly or submitted to third party notice.
  49. If the goods received by the company are not in the correct condition, the company’s responsibility towards the customer is limited to the terms and conditions stated in the return policy
  50. Where the producer of the defective item is liable for damage to the product, the company is solely responsible for replacing the defective item or returning the purchase price.
  51. The customer shall be personally responsible for his choice of products and after the delivery is fully responsible for the conservation and consumption of the goods.
  52. The Client shall protect the Company from claims submitted by third parties regarding intellectual property rights to material or data provided by Customer.
  53. Customer guarantees that if the company is provided with any information, electronic files or software, it is free from viruses and defects.
  54. When a defective product is liable for the damage caused to it, the company is solely responsible for replacing the defective item or returning the price of the item.



  1. The Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction in the Company’s residence to deal with cases unless the District Court is the competent court. The Company may nevertheless submit the dispute to the Court, which is competent under the law.
  2. Dutch law applies to any agreement or dispute between the company and its customers.
  3. The Dutch text of these Terms and Conditions shall prevail over any translation thereof.
  4. The services provided by external sites are subject to the conditions of these sites in addition to the conditions stipulated in this contract.